Honma S-06 4-Star Fairway

Honma S-06 4-Star Fairway

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Beres S-06 4-Star Fairway

Beautifully designed and built in Sakata Japan by master craftsmen committed to making the highest quality and most beautiful performance golf clubs. Beres S-06 4-Star Fairways represents the best in fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Developed with unparalleled beauty and advanced materials, the Beres S-06 is for the discerning golfer.

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Key Groove Area

The groove on the sole of the club provides increased forgiveness, improved launch angle and an expanded sweet spot on the heel and the toe.

New head design

  • The center of gravity is moved back and down to improve the performance on miss shots.
  • The effective spot area is expanded enhancing the forgiviness and easyness to launch the ball in the air.

The new design of the fairway provides an impression of forgiveness at address that leads to smooth and easy swing.

SUS630 High-strength custom steel

The adoption of a strong steel alloy provides maximum strenght in a thin and lighweight head for improved repulsion maintaining durability.

New ARMRQ X shaft designed to perfectly match S-06

By the use of Torayca carbon fibers specifically selected for this new shaft, Honma's engineers have been able to reduce the weight of the shaft by 1gr, maintaining the soft feel and consistency, and reducing the backspin. The adoption of the new X layer (10 axis cross fiber) is a key element for the performance of this new shaft generation.

Honma Beres S-06 Fairway Wood